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21. Colorado, USA

My everyday activities include, but are not limited to, blogging, drinking tea, and letting British people torture my soul.

P.S.I don't know when I let a boyband ruin my life, but it happened, and I'm sorry.

oh well, she's a local girl
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"It’s a metaphor, see. You put the thing that does the killing right between your teeth. But you never give it the power to kill you.

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Guys, there is much more to me than just be British

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dont ask me about sexuality ur not gonna get a straight answer

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Alternate Ending in HD!


The whole series of HIMYM was like


And then the finale was like


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I used to love astronomy as a kid. Unfortunately, I sucked at its practical implementation.

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You’ve flown so far, further than anyone. The things you’ve seen…. the darkness. The Big Bad Wolf.

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